Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tool #2

Today I am completing Tool #2 relating to PLNs, Personal Learning Networks.  As part of the assignment, I visited 5 blog sites (Hector Santiago, Linda Entrekin, Claire Hutchison, Michelle Nguyen and Cool Cat Teacher), and I left a comment on one of them (Michelle Nguyen).

In the field of education, PLNs are important so that one can keep up to date with current trends and with what colleagues are doing in their classrooms and schools.  For me, participating in an online community is important so that I don't just hide out in my class room while trends in the education world pass me by.  

When leaving comments on another's blog, I am keenly aware that they are permanent.  I am particular about my comments, and I share the feelings of Ms. Hutchison's who mentioned that it is easier for her to walk down the hall and share a thought for a few seconds rather than to spend 10 minutes trying to compose the right email to do the same thing.  I tend to spend more time over-editing my emails and comments so that the are "perfect", and thus less time completing the task I was working on.

In the future I plan to use Google Reader. I can see that having all of your websites update in one place is much easier that visiting each one separately.  Welcome to the 21st Century, Erik.


  1. Thanks for your comments on my blog. I'm sure Mr. Bertram will have no problem finishing the 11 Tools. Have fun and enjoy the rest of your summer :)

  2. Hello! Hope you had a restful summer.

    Remember the 11 Tools needs to be completed by August 15th. I'm on campus and can help you anytime. Just send me an email.


  3. I have never used Google Reader. I'll have to check kit out!