Sunday, August 12, 2012

Tool #10

There are many aspects of being a good internet citizen.  Students should know that:
  1. Their posts, text messages, emails and the like likely exist somewhere and can be subpoenaed even after they delete them.
  2. Many employers will ask to see their social network and blog sites as a requisite for employment so they should keep those places clean and positive.
  3. Websites constantly monitor and collect information about them.  They need to constantly consider what they "click" and what blanks they fill.
I looked at a few of the sites on the EdTech page and found two that I would use in class.  The first one discusses my second thought above:

And this one discusses my third point above:

In an Algebra 2 class, it is hard to fit digital citizenry into my routine.  So, I will incorporate it as I incorporate the technology.  If we post to a blog as part of a task, I can use that time to discuss posting etiquette, cyber bullying and remind them of their digital footprint.  If they make a video as part of a task, discuss what effect inappropriate videos, pictures and what they post might have on them in the future.  I will use those "teachable moments" as they arise.

With respect to parents, I would broach the subject individually as I interact with them by phone, in conferences or via email.

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