Sunday, August 12, 2012

Tool #11

TOOL #11!  I made it.

I took the Atomic Learning 21st Century Assessment and scored..., let's call it good, but no where near perfect.  I found parts of it challenging, other parts easy.

I don't have an overriding favorite tool that 11 Tools has taught me.  I like many of them, and I expect to get right to work using them.  First off, I can utilize Google Docs right away with some of my current activities.  Instead of "doing a worksheet" at their seats, they can be collaborating as a group to complete the same activity using technology.  I also will get my teacher website together and work a blog into the mix somehow.

One activity I can do right away is to pre-assess students using the Algebra Quiz game I mentioned in Tool #9.  I can use the Netbooks and the iPads (hopefully) and even my ActivBoard.  They can solve 1-variable equations of the various types and levels (say 4 each) using technology.  I can assess where they need extra practice using their per cent correct (say less than 75%).  I can use the results to see where more practice is needed, if any.  If I find they are already fluent at one level, why spend a lot of time on it?

My thinking has been transformed in that I know I have to adjust my teaching to meet the needs of learners who are often more technologically advanced than me.  I have to make many changes over the coming school years to the content of my lessons, how I assess students, and the physical design of my room.  I have to have places for the technology, and I have to have procedures in place to make them work.

I am surprised that I enjoy blogging as much as I do.  I may start blogging about what I am doing in the classroom, and I am going to start following blogs of other teachers.  I also plan to spend this year integrating the technology into my lessons, basically, making it a habit.  As that happens, I will work on the collaboration end by working with other teachers and classes online.

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  1. The test is a bit odd. I don't think anyone got a perfect score.

    Congrats, you're done!