Saturday, August 4, 2012

Tool #3

I enjoyed working through Tool #3. These are skill I have always wanted to hone, and Tool #3 made me practice.

One of my favorite recent math videos I show in my class on non-routine days or  at a time where I can use a random idea to fill 10 minutes.  Students seem to like it, and it gets them talking about where they might see patterns in unexpected places.


Another video I tried this year was the following.  I had it linked in my flip chart presentation.

And while looking for the conic video, I found this one.  I will probably include as a simple example of one of the many places one might find conic sections in the real world.

I watched the fair use videos, and though they were clever and clearly took lots of time to create, I found them hard to follow at times because they are so choppy. I guess I am old enough to have an attention span that does not require a constant change of scenery.

Since YouTube has the most content available, I find it the most useful. TeacherTube and the others will probably grow to be more useful in time, but for now, YouTube will be of the most use to me.

 I created my Dropbox account, that was easy. I expect I'll find it useful to be able to get at files from any computer.

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