Saturday, August 4, 2012

Tool #5

I had fun completing this tool.  I signed up on and created a short slideshow about parabolas that I have included below.  I also created a quick comic on Make Beliefs Comix of a joke I tell yearly in my class.  Let me know if you like the joke.

Here's the parabola piece:

Try our slideshow creator at

Here's a link to the comic.

Both of these sites are useful for both educators to use as teaching tools and for students to use to create a product. I could use Animoto to create content like I did above, and students can use it to create any number of products like summarizing a topic as a review for a test or as a product for a project.

The comic strip was fun to create, and has many uses as lesson resources.  Students could create a comic strips to demonstrate that they understand vocabulary, ideas or concepts.


  1. Do your kids really laugh at the joke?

    I like the video. That would be an interesting thing for kids to do.

  2. Thanks! The joke is actually my second "Polly" joke. The first's punchline is: Polly No Meal (polynomial). Admittedly, they are more 'groaners' than 'laughers', but they're also little asides that allow me to be a little goofy.