Sunday, August 5, 2012

Tool #6

This was another good tool for the classroom. I can see uses for many of the links provided by the author.  I chose to write about and, though I expect to use others as well.

I created a wall at  It was very easy, and I plan to use this tool in a number of ways: to gauge student understanding, to summarize a lesson or group activity, to post student generated problems for practice, and to brainstorm.  I embedded my simple wall below:

I also visited and created a presidential poll.  In AP Statistics, we often need to collect data for analysis.  This site will allow me to collect data quickly and efficiently.  I embedded the poll as evidence of completion, but the website will delete the poll in two weeks.

In addition to these site, I plan to join to collaborate with other teachers, but as I write this, it is Sunday, and I need to get a code first.  I see a use for Today's Meet as a way for kids to ask questions and to participate.  I also plan to use Google Docs and Blogger as assessment sources and in group activities.

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