Monday, August 6, 2012

Tool #7

Tool #7 is tough for me.  Integrating the different tools in one collaborative project takes a great deal of forethought and planning.

After poking around a few of the project sites, I came across one that I thought would be feasible as a starter for me and my AP Statistics class, a project where we would collect temperature data from on-line published sources in our communities and then analyze our data using linear regression.

As an objective, I suggest the following: Given temperature data collected from online sources, small groups of students in each class will

  • collect actual high and low temperatures for the past 30 days using some online source such as a newspaper or the weather service
  • organize the data using Google Docs spreadsheet, including graphs
  • Analyze the data using linear regression
  • Analyze the data by calculating confidence intervals to estimate the actual differences in temperatures between cities
  • Create a presentation of each groups analysis
  • Post the findings of each group on a blog or youtube video
Most of this project could be completed in any high school math course, simply leave out the confidence interval portion.  This project could be run at any time of the year.  I might do it during second semester after we discuss confidence intervals.  It could also be done as a review for the AP exam as well.

There are many tools that one could use for this project.  Google Docs could facilitate the spreadsheet, word processing and presentation.  Skype could be used to communicate between classes in various cities.  Wallwisher and Today's Meet could be used for communication as well.  Finally, use a site like Blogger or Youtube to post the findings.

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