Saturday, August 11, 2012

Tool #8

There are way more than three things that I learned from working on Tool #8.

First, I watched the video on the Dell Netbook.  I saw an overview of the device and where the important physical components are.  I also learned that as an opening activity, I should have all the students log into all of the netbooks because the first time you login, it takes extra time to load all of the credentials.

Next, I looked at Kathy Schrock's website, iPads in the Classroom.  I became quickly overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information available.  I found links to tutorials and to lists of apps.  I will spend time on her site!

I then reviewed how to login to iTunes, but I had already created an Apple ID when I used my iPad earlier this summer.

I finally looked at the information about classroom management.

I will need to create routines and procedures including:

  • Using the technology to complete only assigned tasks
  • Consequences for misuse
  • How to retrieve and return the technology during class using assigned small group roles
  • Parameters for use as enrichment or remediation

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